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About RonSearch

Ronsearch LTD was incorporated on the 27th December 2011.
We have passed the way from a small company on Seychelles to the large corporation
with 8 departments in five different countries.
The company's main goal is the constant dynamic development of our programmatic
solutions in order to make the relations between advertisers and publishers
successful and profitable for both sides.

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We work with more then 54 clients

Customer testimonials

Felix Blare
Head of Financial Department

We started to work with Ronsearch from the very beginning of its foundation.
This company has shown itself as an active partner who is interested in developing and growing business with us. There are not any claims during our cooperation.

Jason Liberman
The Head of Business Development

I have registered in Ronsearch platform recently and it is very easy to use my personal account.
Also my account manager is really responsive and ready to help  at any time.
I enjoy to have cooperation with Ronsearch

Matthew Loren
Führung der Finanzabteilung

Es ist einfach und profitabel mit Ronsearch zu kooperieren. Mein Chef hat mir belohnt wofür ich solch großes Unternehmen finden konte. Ich arbeite mit Ronsearch gern.

Sebastian Körber

Prompte Bezahlungen, hohe Einkommen und hohe Service-Qualitat sind alle Hauptvorteile des Ronsearches. Während unserer Zusammenarbeit gibt es keine Anspruche auf ihn.